Month: February 2020

Deputy Director for Research, Ph.D. Sudakova N.A. participated in the creation of a book devoted to the study of the phenomenon of protectionism in the US economy.

The book examines in detail the complex of normative legal acts “Buy American” from the historical law of 1933 to the decrees of D. Trump in 2019. The authors disclose the content of the American policy of public procurement, determine the mechanisms for protecting the domestic market, identify the prerequisites for such legal decisions, and …

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ISCRAN is the leader in world rankings

ISCRAN continues to hold a leading position in research in the fields of external politics, international relations, as well as defense and national security. IN In February 2020, the annual (thirteenth) issue of the Global Brainwave Index Centers “2019” (Eng. – “2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report”), published by the Pennsylvania University (USA) …

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