American Studies in Russia. Issue No.2/ М.: Издательство «Весь Мир», 2019 г. – 54 с.

American Studies in Russia. Issue No.2/ М.: Издательство «Весь Мир», 2019 г. – 54 с.

Американистика в российских исследованиях

ISBN 978-5-7777-0808-3

© Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies, RAS, 2019

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Introduction (by Alexey S. Stepanov)

U.S. Economy in the 21st Century: Challenges and Trends of Development

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Natalia M. Travkina. USA: Changing Algorithm of Evolution

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Alexandra A. Filippenko. U.S. Immigration Policy: Historical Essays
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Vladimir I. Batyuk. Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union (1945–1991). Essays on the history
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The Low-Intensity Conflicts in American Military-Political Strategy in the Early 21st Century (Ed by Vladimir I. Batyuk)

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