April 12 this year. a joint seminar of ISCRAN and ILA RAS “Policy of the administration of D. Trump in the Western Hemisphere: ideology, practice, consequences” was held

On April 12, 2018, a joint seminar entitled “D. Trump Administration Policy in the Western Hemisphere: Ideology, Practice, Consequences” was held, in which experts from the Institute of the USA and Canada of the RAS and the Institute of Latin American Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences took part.

On the part of ISKRAN, the Doctor of Historical Sciences took part in it. Garbuzov VN, Director of ISKRAN, Doctor of Economics Supyan VB, the head of the scientific direction of ISKRAN, Ph.D. Babich SN, Deputy Director of ISKRAN for academic and administrative work, scientific issues, Ph.D. Menshikova A.M., Doctor of Economics Komkova EG, Cand. n. Filippenko AA, politician. n. Evseenko AS, Cand. n. Krivolapov OO, Ph.L. Koshkin P.G.

During the seminar, the impact of the implementation of the policy of protectionism of the administration of D. Trump on the countries of Latin America, the prospects for integration processes in the Western Hemisphere and the participation of Latin American countries in projects for international economic cooperation were discussed.

When discussing the policy of the administration of D.Trump concerning Cuba, a complete departure from the process of establishing relations between the two countries initiated by the previous US administration was established, which was expressed in the introduction of new sanctions against Cuban commercial companies related to the security forces of Cuba.

In the course of the discussion on US sanctions against Venezuela, the joint position of most Latin American countries condemning the policy of Venezuelan President N. Maduro was noted.