Deputy Director for Research, Ph.D. Sudakova N.A. participated in the creation of a book devoted to the study of the phenomenon of protectionism in the US economy.

The book examines in detail the complex of normative legal acts “Buy American” from the historical law of 1933 to the decrees of D. Trump in 2019. The authors disclose the content of the American policy of public procurement, determine the mechanisms for protecting the domestic market, identify the prerequisites for such legal decisions, and give specific facts of the application of the law.

  “Of course, this book is an important step towards understanding the essence of the American approach and the American practice of legislative regulation and strengthening the national economy using restrictive measures in foreign trade, as well as to improve domestic legislation in this area,” Natalya Sudakova noted in a comment to the publication.

The book Buy American is published in the Library of the Institute for Development Strategies library series of the TEKHNOSFERA publishing house under the general editorship of O.I. Bochkareva.