Deputy Director for Science, Candidate of Science for 0.5 rates

Federal State Institution of Science Institute of the United States of America and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISCRAN)

Announces a competition for filling a vacant position

Deputy Director for Science, Candidate of Science

· Position: Deputy Director for Research, Ph.D. on 0,5 rates.

· Division: Management.

Qualification requirements



· Higher professional education and work experience in the specialty not less than 5 years, in the presence of the scientific degree of doctor (candidate) of sciences – experience of scientific and pedagogical work is not less than 3 years;

· Management experience at least 3 years;

· Number of scientific papers – at least 25;

· Hirsch index at the time of activity evaluation – at least 5;

· The total number of citations in the RINC database is at least 180;

· Participation in projects carried out under grants of scientific funds, RAS programs, federal and sectoral programs, Russian and international contracts, including as a leader;

· Presentations at all-Russian scientific conferences and conferences with international participation, the scientific council of the Institute, and other scientific forums.

Giving the advantage:

· Academic title of professor, professor of RAS, corresponding member of RAS, academician of RAS;

· Participation in ISKRAN team work, including as a project manager, and in the work of the OGPMO;

· Participation in expert activities (in scientific funds, expert councils and commissions) as experts and supervisors;

· Participation in the work of editorial boards of domestic and foreign journals;

· Management of the training of scientific personnel of the highest qualification (doctors, candidates of sciences);

· Participation in teaching activities in universities and postgraduate study of academic institutions;

· Experience in monitoring and supervising the organizational activities of postgraduate and dissertational councils;

Experience in overseeing international projects;

· Finding in the approved personnel personnel reserve ISCRAN by the post of deputy director for scientific work.

· Must know:

· Legislative and regulatory legal acts that determine the direction of development of the relevant branch of science;

· Legislative and normative legal acts regulating the activities of graduate school and dissertational councils;

· Activities, profile and specialization of ISCRAN;

• Orders, orders, orders and other supervisory materials of higher bodies concerning the activities of ISCRAN;

· Achievements of domestic and foreign science in the field of ISCRAN;

· Scientific methods of conducting research works, technical development and their experimental verification;

· Results of research and development on related issues undertaken by other institutions (organizations);

· Methods for planning and financing research and development;

· Wage systems and forms of material incentives;

· The procedure for concluding and executing contracts and contracts;

· Economy, organization of labor, production and management;

Labor legislation.

Official duties:

– Manages one or several problems (areas) of scientific and production and economic activities of the institution (organization), organizes the implementation of fundamental and applied research and development, ensures the development of relevant branches of science, technology and production.

– Supervises and supervises the activities of the graduate school and dissertational councils of ISCRAN.

– Participates in the formation and justification of the goals and objectives of research and design development, survey work, determines the significance and necessity of their implementation, ways and methods of their solutions.

– Carries out the control over observance of the established requirements and specifications on the organization of work, drawing up of projects of perspective and annual plans of works on a problem (direction), planned, methodical, estimate-financial and contractual documentation, and also necessary feasibility studies.

– Organizes complex research and development on the problem (direction), participates in their implementation, ensures the implementation of thematic plans, high quality and high scientific level of work, the practical use of their results.

– Coordinates the activity of subordinate structural subdivisions, ensures the use in their activities of the achievements of domestic and foreign science and technology, patent and scientific information materials, computer and organizational techniques and progressive methods of work execution, the conformity of the projects being developed to terms of reference, standards and other standards, and also coordination of technical documentation with co-executors, customers and subcontractors.

– Organizes compilation of summary scientific and technical reports on the problem (direction), presentation of scientific and technical information and reports on the work performed to statistical bodies, preparation for publication of scientific papers that are the result of research and development, and their review.

– Manages the work on the experimental verification of the results of research and development, concluding contracts for the performance of work by third parties and providing scientific and methodological assistance to enterprises and other institutions (organizations).

– takes measures to ensure the units of the institution (organization) with the necessary equipment and materials.

– Organizes proper technical operation and repair of equipment, monitoring compliance with labor safety rules and regulations.

– Ensures the rational arrangement and use of personnel in subordinate units, the observance of production and labor discipline.

– Promotes the development of the creative initiative of employees, directs the work on review and implementation of rationalization proposals, the registration in accordance with the established procedure of applications and other necessary documents for copyright certificates for patents and licenses.

– Supervises one of the sections of the Academic Council, supervises the implementation of the decisions made.

– Conducts work on upgrading the skills and training of scientific personnel.

– Participates in the propagation of scientific knowledge and achievements of science and technology, in the organization of scientific conferences, meetings, discussions, gives feedback and conclusions on developments related to the subjects of the problems (directions) that he leads.

– takes part in the solution of the main issues of scientific and technical and economic activities of the institution (organization) and the implementation of measures to ensure the implementation of the approved work plan, reduce the time and cost of research and design, improve the efficiency of scientific research and development, accelerate the use of science and technology in the sectors of the economy technology, increasing the responsibility of each employee for the task entrusted and for the results of the work of the team, improving the organization of work and management I, development of the activity of the institution (organization).


· Official salary: 16214.5 rubles. per month.

· Employment contract: The contract for a period until April 10, 2021.

· Social package: social support for union members.

· Hiring housing: no

· Travel Compensation: no

· Business accommodation: no


Employment in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, work in the structural division of the Institute, working time is not more than 20 hours per week, a five-day working week with two days off (Saturday, Sunday), a working day of 4 hours, an annual paid leave of 42 calendar days.


The deadline for submitting documents for the contest is from April 9 to May 11, 2018.

The application is sent to the secretary of the tender commission ISKRAN Pushkin Ulyana Vladimirovna to the address:

For more information call: (495) 691-11-66, (495) 691-14-94