Director of the Institute of USA and Canada RAS V.N. Garbuzov was a guest of the “International Review” program with Yevgeny Primakov

June 29, 2018 in the program “International Review” with Yevgeny Primakov, Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada, Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences. V.N. Garbuzov commented on the policy of “zero tolerance”, which is conducted by US President D. Trump in relation to children of legal and illegal migrants in the United States. During the conversation, VN. Garbuzov stressed the critical attitude of Democrats to the policy of D. Trump on the eve of the elections to the US Congress in November this year. The agenda of the forthcoming summit of the presidents of Russia and the USA in Helsinki was also discussed in July. According to V.N. Garbuzov, “breakthrough” steps should not wait here, but the meeting of the two leaders can begin to establish a Russian-American dialogue and the exit of relations between the two countries from the crisis.
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