The Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISCRAN) firmly occupies a leading place among research institutes, becoming a kind of “think tank”, i.e. a community of renowned experts in the study of the United States of America and Canada. The Institute was founded in 1967 by Academician GA. Arbatov, who headed it until 1995, when the director was Doctor of History SM. Rogov. ISCRAN is one of the main centers for developing recommendations for high-level state structures on internal, external and military policy, on the problems of economic restructuring of the Russian economy.

During the existence of the Institute, its structure has changed many times, the staff has also been updated, but the high quality of the research conducted by the Institute and its practical value remained unchanged. On our website you will find information about the Institute itself, some of our latest publications, you can look at the list of some works prepared at the Institute and learn about the scientific events in ISKRAN.

Particular attention in the research of the institute is paid to the issues of US foreign policy and their role in the international arena. The scientists of ISKRAN study the United States’ political course in various regions of the world, Russian-American relations, various concepts and doctrines of the American foreign policy course.

The study of domestic policy covers a wide range of issues. Particular attention is paid to the study of the American political system, the social base for the development of political processes, US domestic policy, public opinion and American political culture.

Military-strategic studies are interdisciplinary in nature and are closely related to the practical task of determining Russia’s strategic interests in the world arena. The scientists of the Institute conduct military-strategic research in close cooperation with representatives of the armed forces. This area of ​​research includes the study of the American approach to the use of armed forces, disarmament policy and the limitation of conventional and nuclear weapons.

The analysis of military-political problems occupies a special place in the work of ISKRAN. Being an interdisciplinary field of research, it is directly connected with Russia’s position on various issues of military and political development in the world. Specialists of the Institute study the political role of the armed forces, military doctrines and concepts, international aspects of various military actions, NATO enlargement issues and measures to maintain stability.

Analysis of the US economic system includes a study of its structure and internal mechanisms, trends and prospects for US scientific and technical development, and the study of the problems of the American economy. The researchers of the Institute conduct an analysis of the system of world economic relations and the role of the US economy in it. Particular attention is paid to Russian-American trade and economic relations.

Department of Canada ISKRAN conducts a comprehensive study of Canadian foreign and domestic policy, Russian-Canadian relations in various fields, the development of the Canadian economy and the role of Canada in the system of international labor division.

The Institute employs more than 200 people, including 155 researchers, including 1 academician, 1 corresponding member, 27 doctors of science, 62 candidates of science.