The head of the center is D.Sc.

OVCHINNIKOV Oleg Grigorievich



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Doctor of Economic Sciences Ovchinnikov Oleg Grigorievich.

He graduated from the Physics Department of Odessa State University
university specializing in theoretical physics. In the years 1983-85. served
in the ranks of the USSR Armed Forces. In 1986-87 years. worked as an economist-rationer. AT
In 1987 he entered the graduate school of the Institute of the USA and Canada of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
After defending his Ph.D. thesis in 1990, he worked at the Institute
USA and Canada RAS as a research assistant. In 2000 he defended his doctorate
thesis. Since 2013 he heads the Center for Agricultural Problems of the US Institute
and Canada RAS.
Has experience of teaching in the system of higher education and
professional development of specialists.
A participant in working groups on the development of various state
agrarian programs in the Russian Federation. Worked as an expert on rural issues.
economy of the Russian Federation in international organizations.
Professional interests:
state regulation of the economy,
anti-crisis development of depressed regions,
organization of business,
financial management,
investment planning,
strategic planning.
Knowledge of foreign languages: English is fluent.
Author of more than 70 research papers.


About the Center


Was established as a sector in 1974. Since its inception and until 1995, it was headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences Viktor Fischenko. The main field of research for the sector’s employees has been and remains the US and Canadian agricultural economy. Over the past 30 years, the range of scientific interests of the sector has expanded considerably, and it has been transformed into the Center. Today the main directions of scientific work of the center are:

Economic problems of development and reform of the agro-industrial complex of the USA and Russia;
General questions of development of agrarian economy of the USA and Russia;
Development of individual sectors of the agricultural sector in the US and Canada;
Problems of ecology and genetic engineering in the agricultural sector of the United States;
Information support of the agricultural sector of the USA;
State regulation of the agricultural sector in the US and Russia.

Employees of the center take part in the formation of legislative initiatives, the development of specific measures to introduce the advanced achievements of science and practice in the domestic agrarian sphere.

The Center regularly prepares information and analytical materials for the committees of the State Duma and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, as well as for such Russian governmental structures as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Economy,

The staff of the Center often make scientific reports at various scientific conferences in Russia and abroad, conduct teaching activities.