The head of the department is Popkova Valery Platonovna

Tel .: +7 (495) 697-04-03.

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Popkova V.P. graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University. Maurice Thorez. Since February 1969 he has been working at the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences. She was engaged in ordering foreign editions for the formation of library funds; worked in the Department of Internal Policy of the United States; worked as a referent in the Directorate of the Institute.
Since 1990 he has been working in the Department of Scientific Information, since 2006 he has been the Head of the Department.
V.P. Popkova has a number of scientific publications (more than 20 al.), Participated in the preparation of reference publications, co-author of a system of information retrieval regional geographic rubricators; participates in work on grants of the Russian Humanitarian Fund.
Popkova V.P. heads the trade union organization of ISCRAN, is a member of the Administrative Council of the Institute

About the department

The main specialization of the department as a scientific and auxiliary unit is –

full information support of the institute.

The Department of Scientific Information was established in 1968 and is a scientific and auxiliary unit of the Institute. At the first stage of their activities, the Information Division staff was annotating the income to the library fund of the Institute – monographs of foreign and Russian authors, foreign and Russian periodicals, documents of official organizations and departments of the United States and Canada; carried out prompt tracking of incoming information, conducted thematic processing of materials in order to effectively provide information services to scientific units.
For many years the Department was headed by Edward Aleksandrovich Ivanyan – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, the author of numerous monographs on problems of American studies.
A number of reference and information works were prepared in the Department: “Naturally-scientific and scientific-technical societies and associations of the USA”, “Philanthropic foundations and sponsoring organizations of the USA”, “Foreign policy research centers and organizations of the USA and Canada”; “International non-governmental business and financial organizations”; ‘Foreign research centers and organizations in Russia and other CIS countries’, etc.
The staff of the Department developed a system of information and retrieval regional geography “Mir”, “the United States, the Russian Federation,” the Russian Federation and the United States. Bilateral relations’, which are a tool for the systematization, classification and archiving of information materials, the creation of electronic dossiers and databases.

The employees of the Department conduct scientific, technical and literary editing of the scientific works of the Institute’s employees – monographs, brochures, scientific reports, collections of scientific conferences, abstracts for a scientific degree; works of ISCRAN scientists prepared under grants of the Russian State Scientific and Research Institute, etc., as well as prototyping of these works and preparing them for printing. Employees of the Department carry out computer imposition and production for the printing house of the original layout of the magazine ‘USA  Canada: Economics, Politics, Culture’.
One of the activities of the Department is the filling of the Institute’s electronic library with informational materials.
The staff of the Department are editing the entire array of articles for the online magazine ISKRAN ‘Russia and America in the 21st Century’.
The staff of the Department participated in the work on grants of the Russian National Public Organization: ‘Electronic Library of Russian American Studies’; ‘Illustrated history of the United States and Russian-American relations’.

Employees of the department conduct individual scientific research, participate in the preparation of monographs, scientific reports, analytical and methodological developments on the problems of American studies. Their articles, reviews and reference materials are regularly published in scientific periodicals and other mass media.

The Department of Scientific Information consists of two sectors:

Information Sector

Editorial Sector

The main scientific publications of the Center’s employees are:


1. Ivanyan E.A. History of the USA. Reader. M., ‘Drofa’, 2009, 399 p.

2. Ivanyan E.A. ‘The Origins of Soviet-American Relations’. M .: International relations. 2007. – 368 pp.

3. Ivanyan E.A. ‘When the muse speaks. The history of Russian-American cultural ties. ” Moscow: International Relations, 2007. – 432 p. yl.

4. Ivanyan E.A. ‘History of the USA’. Tutorial. Edition 2-e, corrected. M. ‘Drofa’, 2006, 572 p.

5. Ivanyan E.A. Translation, historical commentary and an afterword to the book of JF. Kennedy. Profiles of courage. M., ‘International Relations’, 2005, 328 p.

6. Ivanyan E.A. Section ‘USA’ in the ‘Encyclopedia of the countries of the world’. M., ‘Economics’, 2005.


1. Ivanyan E.A. – hands. project (Co-executors: Rogulskaya EK, Popkova VP, Luneva TV) Within the framework of the grant of the RHDF? 08-01-12142 an illustrated edition was created for the Electronic Library of Russian American Studies ‘Chronicle of Russian-American Relations of the 16th-21st Centuries.’

2. Rogulskaya EK, Countchikova NA and Luneva Т.V. Preparation of the manuscript and creation of the model of the book: V.А. Fedorovich, A.P. Cartridge. ‘US: STATE AND ECONOMICS’. Moscow: ‘International Relations’, 2008. 388 p.


1. Ivanyan E.A. Courses of lectures on US history and the history of Russian (Soviet) -American relations.

2. Ivanyan E.A. A course of lectures on the history of Russian-American relations in English for students at Stanford University.

3. Berzin L.B. Course of lectures ‘Diplomacy’, ‘Modern culture of the USA’, ‘Introduction to specialty’, ‘Diplomatic and consular service’.

4.Berzin L.B. Courses of lectures, special courses and seminars in the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, at the Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Sciences of the Peoples’ Friendship University on the themes:
“Culture and the modern world political elite”;
“Diplomatic and consular service at the present stage of development of international relations”;
‘Introduction to the specialty’ International Relations’;
“The role and place of scientific provision of foreign policy courses of foreign countries”;
“International relations – diplomacy and culture”;
“Culture and diplomacy in the modern world”;
“Religion and the external poltika”;
“Problems of modern international cooperation in the field of culture”;
‘World Philanthropy, Politics, Education’.