The USA and Canada Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences maintains extensive relations with leading research centers of the United States and other countries.
Supervises international relations of ISKRAN The scientific secretary for international relations, the leading researcher, candidate of economic sciences Pushkina Ulyana Vladimirovna.

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Pushkin Uliana Vladimirovna graduated with honors from the Department of Management of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. Lomonosov in 1984. and graduate school of the same department. In 1989 she was awarded the degree of candidate of economic sciences.

After graduation from Pushkin University, W.V. worked in the Scientific Center of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions of the Russian Federation, in the International Union of Economists. Since 2000. She currently manages the international relations of ISCRAN, developing the Institute’s cooperation with foreign universities and international research centers.

With some research centers in the US and other countries, joint research and training projects are being implemented:

Harvard University

RU Report of the experts of the Belfors Center of the Kennedy School of Harvard University and ISCRAN “Joint US-Russian Nuclear Threats Assessment”, May 2011

ENG Report of the experts of the Belfort Center of the Kennedy School of Harvard University and ISCRAN “Joint US-Russian Nuclear Threats Assessment”, May 2011

A joint study of the problems of countering nuclear terrorism with the support of the Nuclear Threat Initiative

Carnegie Foundation

Joint project on the development of training programs on international security issues

Maryland University

The article by the prominent American political scientist, the famous expert on global security and arms control, director of the Center for International Security Studies John Steinbruner’s “Security Policy and the Problem of Basic Transformation” (translated into Russian by Anton Syromyatin)

Joint Program on International and National Security

National Council for the Protection of Natural Resources

“On June 1-3, a seminar of experts on arms control and international security was held in Washington.

The seminar was attended by –

from the Russian side:

director of ISKRAN, Corresponding Member of RAS SMRogov; Deputy Director of ISKRAN, Cand.Sc. P.S. Zolotarev, leading researcher of ISKRAN Ph.D. V.E. Yarynich, Leading Researcher of ISKRAN Ph.D. Yu.V. Morozov, researcher of ISKRAN TB Anichkina;

from the American side:
director of the nuclear program of the National Council for the Protection of Natural Resources Christopher Payne, President of the Institute of World Security Bruce Blair, editor of the foreign policy department of the Washington Post David Hoffman, director of the information program for the nuclear weapons program of the Federation of American Scientists Hans Kristenen, on the protection of natural resources, Jonathan McLaughlin, Thomas Cochran, Robert Norris. “

The problem of deep nuclear arms reductions

New agenda in the field of disarmament and arms control

Foundation “Initiative to reduce the nuclear threat”

New steps to reduce strategic weapons

The Carnegie Council

Russian-American relations

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Problems of strategic stability

East-West Institute

PRO problems


Center for Democratic Control of Armed Forces

Problems of Civil Control

Brookings Institution

Russian-American relations

Arms Control Association

Strategic arms control