Russian Association for Canadian Studies (RACS) was founded in September 1989 at the initiative of the personnel of the Canadian Department of the Institute for the US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISKRAN). Its first president was an academician Arbatov Georgy Arkadyevich, the organizer of Canadian studies at the US Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1972. During 2 terms, RACS was headed by academician Rogov Sergey Mikhailovich, who
remains nowadays the honorary president and scientific director of ISKRAN.

RACS brings together and directs Canadian activities in Russia. Since 1992, the association has intensively participated in the work of the International Council for Canadian Studies which unites national centers of studying Canada in more than 30 countries. RACS also participates in activity of the European Study Network of Canada.

RACS aims at the promotion of studies, education, researching and publications on the economy, politics, history, social, ethnic and cultural life of Canada; dissemination of information on major events in Canada, its achievements in different spheres; the development of relations between the Russian Federation and Canada.

RACS unites scientists, university professors, journalists, businessmen, state and public organizations, employees, students and post-graduate students of different universities. The materials are published in the publications of RACS and sent to the Government of the Russian Federation and other organizations that are interested in it.

RACS Cooperation

Together with ISKRAN, the association cooperates with the following regional universities: Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg University of Economics, European University in Saint Petersburg, State Polar Academy, Volgograd State University, Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Far Eastern Federal University, Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Saratov State University, Chelyabinsk State University, Buryat State University. Also it cooperates with universities and researching centers in Moscow: Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Lomonosov Moscow State University, National Research University, Higher School of Economics.

Due to joint efforts of RACS and ISKRAN a permanent seminar on Canadian Studies exists. RACS helps its members to write and publish scientific papers on the Canadian issues in the humanities and social sciences, as well as the improvement of the university courses on Canada and Canadian Studies.

RACS implements publishing activities. Since 1997, the Canadian Yearbook has been published. The pages of this specialized publication presented research articles on the Canadian issues, including history, politics, economy and culture of this country.

RACS structure

The management bodies of the RACS are located on the basis of the Institute for US and Canadian studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Supreme body of the RACS is the General meeting of the Partnership members held at least once every five years. The General Assembly elects the President and the Board to direct the activities of the RACS.

Rogov S. M. – Honorary President of the RACS, Academician of RAS, scientific Director of the Institute, Dean of the World Politics Faculty of the State Academic University for Humanities (GAUGN), Doc. of Sc. (History), professor; Garbuzov V. N. – Chairman of the Board of RACS, Corresponding Member of RAS, Director of the ISKRAN, Deputy Dean of the World Politics Faculty, GAUGN, Doc. of Sc. (History), professor; Kuzmina T. R. – President of RACS, leading research fellow, head of the Development and Innovation Center, ISKRAN; associate professor of the World Politics Faculty, GAUGN; PhD (Philology).

RACS members

RACS regional centers

Russian-Canadian Center “Moscow-Quebec”:
Director: Isaeva E.V., PhD, professor
E-mail: eka.isaeva@mail.ru

SPBU Canadian Center:
Director: Akimov Yu. G., Doc. of Sc. (History), professor
Phone: +7 (812) 576 43 27
E-mail: : y.akimov@spbu.ru
Deputy director: Minkova K.V., PhD
Phone: +7 (812) 576 43 27
E-mail: k.minkova@spbu.ru
Address: Saint Petersburg, ul. Smolnogo, 1/3
Site: https://spbu.ru/centr-kanadskih-issledovaniy

RACS Center at Kazan:
Academy of Social Education
Director: Kholodnov V.G., PhD
Address: Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, ul. Isaeva,
Phone: +7 (8435) 42 46 44
E-mail: vladimir.kholodnov@gmail.com.

RACS Center at Volgograd State University:
Center “Americana”
Director: Sokov I.A., Doc. of Sc. (History)
Phone: +7 (8442) 40 55 91
E-mail: sokov@volsu.ru
Address: Volgograd, Universitetskiy pr-t, 100
Site: https://volsu.ru/struct/institutes/iimost/archeolog/tsentr-amerikanskikh-issledovaniyamericana.php

Contact information

Phone: +7(495)691-11-66 (ISKRAN)
Mail address: 121069 Russia, Moscow, Khlebny
per., 2/3
Address: 109004 Russia, Moscow, Teterinsky per.,
12, bld.5
E-mail: racsoffice@mail.ru

RACS events: