Leading researcher, PhD in the Department of Military-Political Studies

Federal State Institution of Science Institute of the United States of America and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISCRAN)

Announces a competition for filling a vacant position

leading scientific associate, candidate of science

to the Department of Military-Political Studies


· Position: Leading Research Associate, Candidate of Science, Department of Military-Political Studies

· Branch of science: political sciences

· Research topic: strategic stability.

Tasks and criteria


It conducts scientific management of specific research topics, directs the work of staff performing these studies, and ensures that they comply with internal regulations in the institution. Directly participates in research: develops methods for solving the most complex, scientific problems; gives grounds for the directions of new research and development, proposals for programs and plans for research work; organizes the development of new scientific projects; coordinates the activities of the co-executors; provides analysis and generalization of the results obtained, offers the scope of their application. It carries out training of scientific personnel, participates in raising their qualifications, and also in training specialists with higher education in the relevant field (lecturing, management of seminars and workshops, diploma and course work). Carries out research plans and other tasks of the Institute and reports on their implementation. Transfers to the Institute scientific results obtained in accordance with plans of research and the tasks of the Institute or using the material and technical base of the Institute.

Criteria for evaluation:

· Doctor of Science degree (in exceptional cases – Candidate of Science with an experience of scientific work after the assignment of a scientific degree for at least 5 years);

· Participation in collective research works, experience in research management;

– the presence of at least one individual monograph;

– the availability for the last 3 years of at least 7 scientific works on the main research directions of the Institute in publications included in the RINC, including at least 5 in the journals of the core of the RINC (RISC, Web of Science and Scopus);

– participation in projects carried out under grants of scientific funds, RAS programs, federal and sectoral programs, Russian and international contracts, including as a leader;

– availability of speeches with reports at all-Russian scientific conferences and conferences with international participation, the scientific council of the Institute, and other scientific forums;

– preparation of analytical materials in the interests of state bodies.

· Giving the advantage:

– Hirsch index in RINC at the time of activity evaluation no lower than 4;

– the title of professor, professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences;

– participation in collective works of ISCRAN;

– participation in expert activities (in scientific funds, expert councils and commissions) as experts and managers;

– participation in the work of editorial boards of domestic and foreign journals;

– management of the training of highly qualified scientific personnel (doctors, candidates of science);

– participation in teaching activities in universities and postgraduate study of academic institutions.

· Must know the scientific problems and directions of research development, domestic and foreign achievements in the relevant field of science;

· Must know modern methods and means of organizing and conducting research and development;

· Must know the normative documents on the activities of scientific institutions.


· Official salary: 25199 rubles. per month

· Employment contract: The contract for basic work, for a period of 5 years.

· Social package: social support for union members.

· Hiring housing: no

· Travel Compensation: no

· Business accommodation: no


Employment in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, work in the structural division of the Institute, working time is not more than 20 hours per week, a five-day working week with two days off (Saturday, Sunday), a working day of 4 hours, an annual paid leave of 42 calendar days.


The deadline for submitting documents for the competition is from April 10 to May 11, 2018.

The application is sent to the secretary of the tender commission ISKRAN Pushkin Ulyana Vladimirovna to the address:


For more information call: (495) 691-11-66, (495) 691-14-94