On August 13, 2018, on the 71st year, our colleague and friend, Doctor of Economic Sciences, died. Alexander Borisovich Parkansky, a famous Russian American scientist

Alexander Borisovich Parkansky

On August 13, 2018, our colleague and friend Alexander Borisovich Parkansky, Doctor of Economics, Professor, a well-known Russian American scientist and specialist in international economic relations, passed away on the 71st year. He came to college in 1970 as a graduate student after graduating from the Economics Faculty of MGIMO.
Constantly working in the Institute until 1997, Alexander Borisovich defended his Ph.D. and Doctor’s dissertations, published many scientific papers, gained scientific fame as an authoritative expert in the US economy and foreign economic relations of the United States.
In the period from 1997 to 2014, not stopping scientific research and continuing cooperation with ISKRAN, A.B. Parkanskiy concentrated his main efforts on work on Russian television. He made a significant contribution to the development of VGTRK information programs, holding senior positions in the management of information programs and being the head of the expert-analytical group of information programs of the television channel “Russia”.
Since 2014, Alexander Borisovich was the director of the Educational and Research Center of the Institute of Mass Media of the Faculty of Journalism of the RSUH, where he contributed a lot to the training of personnel and the formation of Russian television journalism.
The last period, once again focusing on research work in ISKRAN, Aleksandr Borisovich Parkansky prepared and published a number of high-level scientific papers developing a separate direction for Russian American studies.
A.B. Parkan was a member of the Academic Council and the Dissertation Council on the Economics of ISCRAN, as well as a member of the International Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
Alexander Borisovich was a talented and versatile scientist, a good comrade, an ingenious person, who deserves the respect of colleagues and friends.
The memory of Alexander Borisovich Parkansky will be preserved by everyone who knew him.