On June 6, 2019, a Russian-American seminar on Nuclear Security Cyber ​​Threats was held

On June 6, 2019, a Russian-American seminar on “Nuclear Security Cyber ​​Threats” was held. From the Russian side, the event was organized by the Institute of the USA and Canada RAS, from the American side – the organization “Nuclear Threat Reduction Initiative” (NTI – Nuclear Threat Initiative).

Experts from the American side took part in the seminar:
Lynn Rasten, NTI Vice President, Page Stoutland, NTI Vice President of Science and Technology, Jill Hruby, NTI Research Fellow, Herbert Lin, Senior Cyber ​​Security Policy Research Fellow, Stanford University International Security and Cooperation Center.

From the Russian side:
Academician of RAS S.M. Rogov, scientific adviser, ISCRAN; Dr.Sc. V.N. Garbuzov, Director of ISCRAN; Ph.D. P.S. Zolotarev, scientific director of the military-political direction of ISCRAN; to. polit. n P.A. Sharikov, Leading Researcher, ISCRAN. The seminar was also attended by employees of other Russian research organizations – IMEMO RAN, MGIMO (U) MFA OF, PIR Center, Diplomatic Academy, RIH and others.

Presentations were made by Page Stoutland and P.S. Zolotarev.

The discussion showed the closeness of the participants’ positions on a number of issues. The parties decided to continue the dialogue in autumn 2019.