Press Conference of ISKRAN Experts S. Rogov, V. Garbuzov, V. Soupyan

12: 2130.01.2018

February 7 at 15:00 in the International Multimedia Press Center MIA “Russia Today” will be a multimedia press conference on the topic: “Russian-American relations: the current state.”

The event will bring together leading Russian Americanists from the United States and Canada Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences:
– supervisor of studies, academician of RAS Sergey ROGOV;
– Director Valery GARBUZOV;
– the head of the scientific direction Victor SUPYAN.

Currently, Russian-American relations are going through not the best of times. On January 29, the CAATSA Law on Counteracting the Enemies of America through Sanctions came into force in the United States, which affects the interests of the Russian military-industrial complex and can be of an extraterritorial nature. On the same day, the so-called “Kremlin report” of the US Treasury on Russia was published with the names of 210 Russians – 114 officials and 96 businessmen. At the same time, in the new version of the National Security Strategy, Russia is one of the main threats to the United States, and high-level American politicians do not stop accusing Russia of using chemical weapons in Syria, of violating international sanctions against the DPRK, or of wanting Intervene in the midterm congressional elections, which will be held in the US in November. The current state of Russian-American relations, important international problems, for which there is a lack of dialogue and normal interaction, and about the prospects for 2018, taking into account the latest steps and statements by the US president and the US administration concerning Russia, experts will say.

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